Our thoughts on the Corona virus and the future of weddings this year.

know that common wedding activities, like dancing in close quarters, loud talking and singing, can create a "superspreader" situation, where the virus spreads rapidly through a group due to one sick individual.


Vermont has relaxed some of the restrictions pertaining to weddings:


Justices of the Peace and other officiants may perform in-person marriages. Town offices shall provide marriage licenses in compliance with the Work Safe memo – encouraging town offices to operate remotely, online, and to offer curbside service.

Effective June 26th, weddings may occur in compliance with the Work Safe occupancy limits for event venues:
  • 50 percent of approved fire safety occupancy to the set maximum below; OR
  • One customer/person per 100 square feet of customer facing space to the set maximum below if no fire safety occupancy is established.
  • Operations may not exceed 75 total people for inside operations or events regardless of their fire safety occupancy or square footage calculation; AND
  • Operations may not exceed 150 people for outside operations or events regardless of their fire safety occupancy or square footage calculation.

  • Staff and vendors are not counted in the maximum number.

  • Food service operations at events must comply with the Restaurant, Catering, Food Service and Bars guidance.
  • **Outdoor service, events, and gatherings are strongly preferred.**

Video-Vermont follows state guidlelines, WHO and CDC guidelines. Our coverage will reflect requirements for social distancing. Masks must be worn by all participants.

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