Amy and Kyle at the Mountain Top example of budget Coverage.

This is an example of single camera coverage of the wedding ceremony and Reception. Coverage was limited to one shot down the aisle at the opening and then one angle focusing on the bride for the rest of the ceremony. Thanks to a bit of luck and good management by the Wedding co-ordinator at the Mountain Top Inn, the reception went off very well. The toasters stood near the couple as they always should.


Sometimes, with single camera coverage things work very well, but you do take a chance when there is only one camera operator. Judge for yourself if this is the type of budget coverage you are looking for.


Read what the bride said about our coverage below



"Tim was extremely responsive right from the beginning. We chose the single camera coverage. It was very impressive what Tim was able to cover with one camera. Our video included the entire ceremony, speeches, dances, and more. The sound quality and picture were great. I have already watched it SO many times. We sent it to our family and everyone loves it as well! It is so wonderful to relive that day. My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a videographer at all and I am so glad that we did. Tim did a great job of filming our day by himself at a reasonable price. Thank you Tim!"


For best viewing experience, press play and then pause and give the movie time to load so that when you push play again, it plays uninterrupted.


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