Timothy Palmer-Benson - owner  Video Vermont I am the owner and chief bottle washer here at Video-Vermont. I employ an experienced team of professionals as needed. My experience and background is somewhat eclectic. I am a graduate of the University of Miami's School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I started my career working in radio news. One of my jobs was at WKAT in Miami Beach, that's the same station where Larry King was working. I worked for many years as a television reporter and editor including 10 years as a senior editor with CBC Radio in Toronto.
If you decide to buy my services, please know that you are hiring someone well versed in multi-media production, someone who knows how to put together a  program which will hold your interest and which seamlessly flows from one event to another. I know how to tell a story. Years of editing experience have been transferred to wedding video which I find is one of the best arenas for creative work.
I love the excitement of a wedding and even the stress. Each one is different and each one is memorable. Back at home (yes, I freely admit working from an office at home) that memory gets transferred into a video which must be emotional to me. If it isn't, I know I don't have it right. I create this feeling with my  editing and choice of music. You will not be be disappointed.

Timothy Palmer-Benson


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