Erin and Ty at Sugarbush Ski Resort
September 2018

When I first heard about this Wedding Event, I was really worried. The bride and Groom wanted their wedding ceremony recorded on the top of the mounntain at the ski resort. Being an ex skier I wondered about getting all our equipment up the mountain in a timely fashion and then getting it down again in time for our coverage of the reception. In addition, the bride wanted to omit all getting ready coverage, which normally is a major part of a wedding video. But, things turned out well. First, the wedding coordinator at Sugarbush was incredibly helpful in assisting us in getting our video cameras and trippods up the mountain. No equipment was lost or damaged in the move and everything got done in a timely fashion. The Video turned out great even though there is no "getting Ready." Everybody was happy! Read what the bride and Groom had to say!


For best viewing experience, press play and then pause and give the movie time to load so that when you push play again, it plays uninterrupted.